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Pebbles, My all time favorite singer from the 80's

"Pebbles," a childhood nickname, had an early brush with industry success in the early 1980s as a backup singer for percussionist/band leader Bill Summers and the funk outfit Con Funk Shun, helping to co-write "Body of Lover", one of the band's biggest hits. In 1987 she scored her first breakthrough with Pebbles, her self-titled solo debut for MCA Records. "Pebbles" yielded a Platinum-plus album featuring the hits "Girlfriend" and "Mercedes Boy" (which Pebbles wrote), both Top Five Pop and #1 R&B smashes. The videos for both songs, featuring Pebbles’ signature modern glam style, were in heavy rotation on MTV, VH1 and BET. During this time Pebbles married L.A. Reid, who would co-found LaFace Records with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds. Pebbles also sang background vocals on Paula Abdul's album Forever Your Girl in 1988.
In 1990 Pebbles released Always, a well-received[citation needed] set that included the Top Five hit "Giving You the Benefit", "Always", and "Love Makes Things Happen". The latter song, featuring Babyface, was a Top 20 Pop & R&B hit and remains a Quiet Storm staple.[citation needed] In 1995 Pebbles delivered Straight from My Heart, which included a more mature sound and featured the singer's collaborations with producers / songwriters Sean Combs, Kyle West, and Organized Noize. On April 25, 2000 Hip-O Records released a 14 track Pebbles: Greatest Hits album.
Combined, these three albums sold more than six million copies worldwide, received a Grammy nomination and a list of other songwriting and performance awards for Pebbles.[citation needed] As an established artist Pebbles turned her attention to discovering and cultivating new musical talent.
Through Pebbitone, her production company, Pebbles transformed the music industry with her discovery and development of TLC. Under Pebbles' guidance as a producer, director, marketing chief, and image maker, this Grammy-award winning super group recorded 1992’s quintuple platinum debut album Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip, featuring the Top 10 hits "Baby, Baby, Baby," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" and "What About Your Friends." In 1994, TLC released CrazySexyCool, which sold an unprecedented thirteen million albums and garnered the group its first Grammy for Best R&B Album.[citation needed]
"In our formative years, Pebbles was an integral part of LaFace Records along with Kenny Edmonds and myself," says L.A. Reid. "She understood how to make hits, she had a strong visual sense, and she got both the pop and R&B world."[citation needed]
Eventually, tensions arose between Pebbles and TLC, when the group filed for bankruptcy amid claims that Pebbles was mismanaging their money.[2] Pebbles denied these claims, stating that she was only looking out for the group's best interests. Pebbles and TLC eventually parted ways, but the experience (along with the disintegration of her marriage to LA Reid) left her so embittered, she left the secular music industry and at the time, claimed she would never return.[citation needed]
However, in 1997, Pebbles' found religion. On November 17, 1998 Pebbles also affectionately known as "Sister Perri" founded WOGCL Ministries: Women of God Changing Lives Through Christ. As an ordained minister, she has continuously served the community for 13 years by preaching the word and ministering through song. In 2008, after a 13 year music hiatus, Reid released her fourth album and debut gospel album, Prophetic Flows Vol I & II, which peaked at #12 on the Billboard Gospel Album Chart.[citation needed]
"God is helping me to reach even more people and a future generation through the gifts He's given me, and my love for music," says Pebbles.[3]
In February 2011, Pebbles was named as the executive producer / host of Essence's national R&B search. Among other prizes, the winner will be awarded the coveted opportunity to perform in the Superdome during the 2011 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans.[1]
On January 29, 1983, she gave birth to daughter Ashley Victoria Winzer (also known as Ashley Reid (photographer)).[4] Pebbles then began a relationship with her record producer L.A. Reid. Their sons Aaron (also known as Aaron Alexander (recording artist) was born in November 1989.[citation needed] and Tian Reid(Lil Juvie) was born April 1994. She and her daughter moved to Atlanta with Reid. Aaron was on an episode of My Super Sweet 16. Tian is a tattoo artist still living in Oakland, California with his dad and 12 siblings. Perri and L.A. Reid were divorced in 1996. She married Otis Nixon in Nassau, Bahamas in 2000; they divorced in 2004. She remains friends with her cousin Cherrelle and CeCe Winans.
This was Pebbles in the 80's

This is Pebbles today
This is Pebbles ONLY daughter Ashley as a child. Born January 29, 1983.

This is Pebbles oldest son Aaron as a child, Born November 10, 1989.
This is Pebbles youngest son Tian but he goes by Zone (YES THIS IS A LITTLE BOY) Born April 26,1994
The reason im not adding any recent pictures of the kids is because of their privacy, i will respect that. Lovely family. The best in the buissness
Thank you!!
The  kids singing. GOSH  PEBBLES CHILDREN HAVE TALENT!!!!!!!!!
I didnt add the  videos for  their privacy.. they hate being in the spotlight.BUT THEY DO HAVE TALENT!!


  1. I love Pebbles, but why does her youngest son have all that hair??? i mean he is adorable as they all are but why?? Religion?? Who are their dads???

  2. I guess because Pebbles wanted him to, actually her son Aaron had a long ponytail when he was around 2 and 3. But they chopped it off. Tian still has long hair. Almost reaching his knees. Ashley's dad is George smith (First husband and manager). Aaron's dad is LA Reid. Tian's dad is Chico Valentine (Pebbles former childhood bestfriend and drill sergent.)

  3. Damn, different babies daddies. But as i said, they are all adorable. Thank you for this!!!!

  4. Nice post! Love to see anybody helping to keep the 80s alive. Thanks.

  5. She has always been so beautiful to me. When i was younger I THOUGHT I WAS HER. lol I had the hair, the make up, the little white dress, everything. Aww I didn't know she had kids with Chico Valentine. I remember him and Pebbles were everywhere together. Her kids are adorable. They sound so beautiful too. I especially like her son Tian's version of " At Last" it's pretty amazing. Thank you so much for this. Would you mind if i used the second picture of her youngest son for my blog?? I have pictures of the first two but I could never find any of him. Only one. Thank you so much!!

    1. Lol i know i had everything that was like her.. Of coarse she wore it way better though. And yeah but thats her only child with Chico, sure you can use the picture! You're very welcome.

  6. They are all very talented, all in the music/entertainment industry. Perri just won't let the kids sing! Shame! So much talent in one family!

  7. Nice Post!! Loved the singing, May I use the video and Recent photos? The kids look just like their mother!! But Aaron looks a little more like LA. The other two. Oh yes...exact resemblence! Reply soon!

  8. Awww her kids are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!